Expert Dog Training for South Orange County, CA

We provide fast, effective dog training solutions for all breeds and all ages, all done with positive reinforcement.

Expert Dog Training for South Orange County, CA

We provide fast, effective training solutions for all breeds and all ages, all done with positive reinforcement.

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We are passionate about dogs and their people!
Accomplished Canines was created to help people and dogs better understand and communicate with each other so that both ends of the leash can live happy, fulfilled lives.  Our specialty is using positive reinforcement dog training methods to help you build the bond between you and your dog. Our methods are fast, easy to learn, effective, and the end result is a dog that WANTS to do what you ask.

Popular Programs

BARK! Class

• For Reactive Dogs •

Do you have a dog that barks and lunges on walks?  Are you ready for that to change? With consistency and the right tools, you can absolutely turn your dog’s behavior around.  Let us show you how!

Private Training

• For a Customized Training Plan •

Dogs aren’t born speaking “human.”  We have to teach them! Save time and get the results that you need with a training program that is tailored to your dog’s specific behavior and training needs.

Puppy Program

• For Puppies Under 16 Wks •

What your puppy learns in the first few months with you will leave a life-long impression.  We address common puppy challenges like potty training, crate training, and nipping while paving the way for a happy, calm, and focused adult dog.

Experienced, Educated &
Vet Recommended

Why Work with Accomplished Canines? 

  • We use science-based, positive reinforcement training methods
  • We do not use pain, fear, or intimidation to train dogs
  • We have over a decade of experience with creating quick, effective, long term solutions for complex behavior problems
  • We are certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and are committed to ongoing education
More About Us

“Amanda is an absolutely wonderful resource for any dog problems or questions.  We rescued a 1 year old boxer mix that had no socialization or training.  We were having a difficult time walking her and also keeping her calm around other dogs and strangers.  Even after just one session with Amanda, we began seeing positive changes but more importantly Amanda helped us understand what was going on with our boxer and gave us the tools to continue working with her to correct her behavior.  I am so happy we found Amanda and highly recommend her to anyone facing issues with their dog.”

Mia B, Mission Viejo

Amanda is an awesome trainer.  I have two 4yr old Italian Greyhounds and I called Amanda to help prepare the dogs for our new baby. My dogs listen occasionally and can be quite hyperactive when meeting new people. I chose to have Amanda do 5 in home training sessions and she returned my phone calls promptly and has great resources. Amanda was able to give me practical advice, resources and tips that helped my dogs to learn to calm down and behave when meeting new people. In addition I got weekly emails with “homework” that had written information to reinforce the teaching from that week. The emails were super helpful so I could reinforce the same concepts I was taught the beginning of the week. Amanda displays a professional, fun loving and caring attitude towards the dogs. I would highly recommend her.

Rachel W., Lake Forest

We rescued a 3 yr old Maltese mix; an adorable little white doggie with agression and over protectiveness issues.  We knew we needed to do something quickly after she growled and went after my 11 yr old granddaughter.  Amanda from Accomplished Canines, knew exactly what was going on!  We had used other trainers in the past who brought out bark collars, used choke chains and more fear to get Molly into line.  None of this worked and we were at our wits end.  Amanda helped explain Molly’s fears and behaviour and the reasons  behind her actions!   She even explained her facial expressions!  She trains with love and with treats, compassion and understanding.  Molly grew to love Amanda and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.  We still have a ways to go – Amanda has emphasized practice, practice, practice – but now we know there is hope for Molly and have a plan.  Amanda is simply the best out there!!

-Linda K., Trabuco Canyon