Board & Train

If you’re finding yourself in over your head or your schedule is just too jam packed to devote the training time your dog needs, don’t stress.  

We’re here for you.​

Customized Board & Train Program

Our Board & Train programs are completely customizable to address your dog’s specific needs.  Your dog would come stay with the Accomplished Canines crew and be treated like one of the family while he’s here.  He will receive:

  • One-on-one training sessions throughout the day
  • Consistent repetition with an expert to build the skills that he needs to be the amazing, responsive companion you’re dreaming of
  • Follow up sessions are included to ensure that the training transfers smoothly to your home
  • You will learn how to keep your dog on the right track with easy training games designed just for you

Let us do the hard part for you first.

Send us a message with more information about your dog and your training goals and we will put together a quote for your personalized program.
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Amanda is a miracle worker with puppies! We signed our puppy up for her board and train program when we had to be away from home for two weeks. This was hands down the best experience for our little guy. He is a rambunctious and energetic little 4 month old puppy who struggles with being calm around distractions and some intense puppy biting. Amanda patiently worked with him over the course of his stay and our puppy was almost unrecognizable when we picked him up (in an amazing way!). We have seen major improvements in all areas we had identified ahead of time and asked Amanda to work with him on. She treated him like one of her own pups during his stay which meant he was so happy and engaged the whole time. It was pretty amazing to come home from our trip to a puppy who was even better trained than when we left him! Thank you so much Amanda!! I can’t recommend this board and train program enough!

Aarani M. - Irvine, CA

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