Dog Training

Goal-Driven Training Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right training program can have a BIG impact on how effectively your dog learns and how quickly you see results.  We will help you develop an efficient communication system with your dog so that he knows exactly what you want when you ask him to do something.  We will also help you come up with a plan that will stop unwanted behaviors and set your dog up for success!  

Our certified trainers specialize in using science-based, positive reinforcement training methods to help you guide your dog towards your goals.  We have years of experience and have worked with thousands of dogs with different personalities, skill levels, and motivation levels.  Reach out today to learn how our trainers can help you accomplish your goals!

Initial Consultation – $175

This is the first step towards finding a solution for your training challenges.  I come to your home so that I can meet you and your dog.  We will talk about your current problem, your long term training goals, evaluate the intensity of your dog’s behavior, and start developing a strategy to help you get there. 

By the end of the Consultation, you will understand more about how your dog sees the world and why he continues to do things that you don’t like.  Based on what we see from your dog during this meeting and the training goals that we outline together, I can make a better recommendation as to which program would best fit your needs.   

Private Coaching 

Private Coaching is a great option if you want to learn how to train your dog yourself with guidance from the expert!  After the Consultation, you will receive a detailed training plan. We will work together to put that plan into action by meeting consistently and working through the training process step by step.   

Day Training 

Don’t have time to train your dog?  Need to see results fast? Day Training is the program for you! These sessions are meant to give your dog more 1:1 time with a professional so that we can accomplish your goals more quickly. Sessions generally occur 1-3 times per week.  We will also schedule one of those lessons with you so that we can transfer your dog’s new skills back to you and teach you how to keep him on the right track!

Puppy Programs 

Puppies are cute, but they are a lot of work!  Our puppy training options will provide you with a plan to address common puppy challenges like:

  • Potty training
  • puppy biting
  • jumping
  • chewing
  • crate training
  • coming when called
  • walking nicely
  • listening
  • jumping 
  • proper socialization

We can help you avoid behavior problems so that your puppy grows up to become a happy, well-mannered adult.

Have you heard about BARK! Class?

BARK! is a group class that is specifically designed for dogs that bark, lunge, snap, growl or hide from people or dogs.  This is a common behavior problem – you’re not alone!

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